• Actress Leslie Jones' website hacked, nude photos posted

    By Gina Cherelus (Reuters) - "Ghostbusters" actress and comedian Leslie Jones' website was hacked on Wednesday and nude photos and personal information including her passport and driver's license were posted, according to media reports. Several accounts of the hacking, which was first reported by TMZ.com, said it appeared the website was accessed through Jones' personal cellphone or iCloud account, which lets users store photos and other content online and access it from any Apple device. Representatives from Apple Inc and Jones' agent did not respond to requests for comment.

  • Indian Railways Engineer Wins MIT Award for His Radical Caterpillar Train Idea

    Ashwani Kumar Upadhyaya, a 47-year-old Indian Railways engineer, recently won an award for his innovative idea of developing caterpillar trains -- a network of lightweight, elevated train coaches that will run at speeds up to 100 km/hr and will take passengers even to the residential areas. Ashwani, who is a 1997-batch officer of the Indian Railway Traffic Service, is posted at the Centre for Railway Information Systems in New Delhi and is currently on a study leave as a PhD scholar in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston. He won in a global competition on innovations that was organised by MIT and had about 500 entries. Ashwani came up with this idea with a fellow PhD scholar Emil Jacob. The caterpillar train is named so because the idea is to install wheels both above and below the coaches. This way, they will be able to run on the tracks as well as hang from them. The tracks would be supported by poles bent to form arches. [caption id="attachment_66004" align="aligncenter" width="660"] Artist's impression of the Caterpillar train. Source: Facebook[/caption] The whole system will run on electricity and the coaches will also have a backup battery to be used in case of emergencies such as a power failure. Every coach will have the capacity to seat 20 people and their small size will help them reach residential areas too. The small size is also supposed to allow trains to be vertically stacked at the depot. The station for caterpillar trains will be a simple platform to be reached via elevators. A console on the train would allow passengers to pick stations. The most surprising thing about this radical urban transport system is that it would cost a fifteenth of the conventional metro rail system. “Currently, all urban mass transit systems are developed on the hub-and-spoke concept — the transport system is the hub and users have to travel from various parts of the city and converge there to use it. But the C-Train goes wherever there is at least a five-metre road,” Ashwani told The Indian Express. The competition, organised by MIT’s Centre for Collective Intelligence, offers a crowd-sourcing platform for people to create ideas and proposals on how the issue of climate change can be addressed. Ashwani now plans to educate eminent academicians and town planners about the benefits of the C-Train at an upcoming conference to be organised by MIT in September. Like this story? Or have something to share? Write to us: contact@thebetterindia.com, or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter (@thebetterindia).

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  • Sushma slams celebs for opting surrogacy

    New Delhi, Aug 24 (ANI): External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday launched a veiled attack on celebrities for having surrogate babies, saying a "thing which started as a necessity, has now turned into a luxury." Addressing a press conference here, she said, "Celebrities are having surrogate babies. In spite of having two children, they have a third, just because the wife couldn't take the pain, they get someone else to bear their child." The Centre's move implies a strong stand against celebrities like Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan, who had surrogate babies after two children and even Tusshar Kapoor, who became a single father recently.

  • Karnataka: Girl accuses Facebook friend of raping on pretext of marriage

    A Mangaluru-based girl accuses Facebook friend of raping her under the pretext of marrying.

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  • Salman Khan and Iulia Vantur want their relationship to work, but as for marriage...

    ...seems like Salman Khan is taking things in his own stride, and is in no hurry to tie the knot with Romanian beauty Iulia Vantur.

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  • Kabali: When Rajinikanth met and congraulated a woman for recreating Thalaivar's dialogue perfectly

    Rajinikanth personally invited a woman and congratulated her at his farm house for perfectly recreating Kabali dialogues in a viral video.

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  • France has "misunderstood" burkini, Australian designer says

    By Lin Taylor LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The French authorities have misunderstood why the burkini was created and should not turn it into a symbol of division, the Australian designer of the swimsuit said on Wednesday. The burkini swimsuit made international headlines after the mayors of Cannes, Villeneuve-Loubet and the Corsican seaside resort of Sisco banned it last week, arguing the burkini, which leaves only the face, hands and feet exposed, defies French laws on secularism. "They have misunderstood what the burkini is all about," said Aheda Zanetti, adding that anyone, no matter their religion, could wear it.

  • This Heroic Sportsman Worked all his Life Helping Others and Died Trying to Save Three Children

    Bablu Martin was a cricket and football player. He dedicated his entire life to sports and to helping people. On Saturday, he lost his life trying to save three children from being buried under the debris of a building that collapsed in Maihar. At around 10:30 am on August 20, Benedict (Bablu) Martin, a 40-year-old sportsman from Maihar in Madhya Pradesh, was going back home after conducting his routine coaching classes. On the way, he stopped in front of the Madhya Pradesh Housing Board building to have tea with his friends at a roadside stall. All of a sudden, he saw the three-storey structure of the Housing Board building tilting dangerously. [caption id="attachment_66018" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Benedict (Bablu) Martin[/caption] As soon as he spotted a 12-year-old girl standing under the building, Babloo made a dash to save her from being buried under the debris of the now collapsing edifice. He managed to rescue her and another child too, before going back to try and save another. Unfortunately, while the child was saved, Bablu himself never found his way back to safety. [caption id="attachment_66023" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] The collapsed building under which Bablu was trapped.[/caption] Bablu was trapped inside the debris, buried up to his neck. It took one-and-a-half hours for the people gathered around to pull him out. Other than the efforts of these locals, no other medical help reached the accident spot. Finally, the people rushed him to the nearest hospital where his wounds were quickly stitched in a haphazard manner and he was referred to a hospital in Satna. Bablu was still alive at this point. The ambulance in which Bablu was being transported to Satna had no medical staff. A temporary oxygen mask was placed over his mouth – it kept falling according to his older brother and a friend who accompanied Bablu in the ambulance. Due to heavy rainfall over the previous days, the road to Satna was closed. So the ambulance changed course and headed to a hospital in Katni, where the doctors declared Bablu ‘brought dead’. “My brother did his job. The people who pulled him out from under the debris also did their job. But the authorities and the system did not! One can reach Maihar from Bhopal in 1.5 hours by air. But no doctor from Maihar reached him in those 1.5 hours. He could have survived if he was given first aid immediately when he was trapped. He saved three lives. He would have saved 30 if he was alive! As there were no medical staff in the ambulance, we didn’t even know when our brother left us,” said Bablu’s brother Rabert (Raju) Martin. Bablu was a member of the Chattisgarh State Cricket Sangh (CSCS). He had represented Satna in cricket and soccer tournaments across the state. He also ran his own cricket coaching centre, known as Sharada Cricket Coaching Centre, where he used to teach cricket to kids for free. A dedicated sportsman, Bablu was not only good at cricket but also played football. He taught football to kids at the Maihar Sporting Club. It was Bablu who first encouraged girls to play football and cricket in Maihar. About 35-40 girls played football regularly at the Maihar Sporting Club under Martin’s guidance. One of them will be representing the district in the state level football championship soon. “Martin was a gem of a person. I knew him since childhood and he was the one who taught me wicket keeping and batting. He was a big fan of cricketer Azharuddin. He followed Azhar’s style in fielding and batting and Kapil Dev’s in bowling. You would think it was Azhar who was fielding if you saw Bablu on the cricket field from afar,” said Islam Ahmed Mansuri, a close family friend of the Martins. Bablu had no interest in academics from early on in life. His parents sent him to five different schools and even a boarding school in Allahabad. But all he wanted to do was to play cricket and other sports. Finally, Bablu left his studies altogether after Class 8 and became a full time sportsman. He started coaching children in cricket and football. He was so crazy about sports that if no one helped him financially, he would spend his own money to buy sports equipment for his students and arrange for their transport to matches outside Maihar. In a country where academic achievement is highly prized, Bablu did his best to encourage children to play sports. “Once, Bablu was suffering from malaria and had been put on a drip. But when he heard that there was a tournament taking place in town, he removed the drip himself and took off from the hospital without telling anyone,” recalled Raju fondly. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has announced that the government will pay Rs 5 lakh to Bablu’s family and give a government job to one family member. He has also promised to fulfil the family’s wish of naming a sports complex in Bablu’s honour in Satna, as encouraging sports as a career for the coming generations was Bablu’s only dream. Bablu’s mother and wife are still in shock and could not speak a word. His two sons, 6-year-old Vaibhav and 4-year-old Ahem still feel their father has gone for another tournament and will be back soon. [caption id="attachment_66011" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Bablu Martin's sons- Vaibhav and Ahem[/caption]  “Up until 4 days ago we were all upset with my brother – that he doesn’t take any responsibilities at home, does nothing to help financially, that he just keeps playing and helping others. But we didn’t know what great things he was doing. We came to know after his death that he helped people so much. All his students, including the 40 girls who he taught football and cricket to, came to the graveyard for his funeral. We are all proud of him for helping so many people all his life, for encouraging children to take up sports and finally, for giving up his life to save three children. Not just me, any brother would be proud to have such a brother who left the world helping someone and became immortal,” says Rabert Martin. You can write to Rabert Martin at rabertrtpl@rediffmail.com .

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  • Indian PM Modi's pictures waved during protests in Balochistan

    Dera Bugti (Balochistan), Aug. 24 (ANI): Days after Baloch leaders' in-exile hailed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for highlighting the atrocities committed on their people by Pakistan, the Baloch Republican Party (BRP) activists showered praise on him while holding the Indian flags and his pictures in their hands and vented their ire against Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Khan Zehri for declaring Brahamdagh Bugti a traitor. Holding the pictures of the Indian Prime Minister, late Baloch leader Akbar Bugti and his grandson Brahumdagh Bugti, the protestors, including children, with their faces covered raised slogans against Islamabad and also burnt Pakistan's national flag.

  • The Mighty Jupiter Enters Earthy Virgo – What Sort Of Effects Will It Have On Your Life?

    Jupiter – the planet of wisdom and expansion, will be entering the Virgo Sign on 11th August, 2016. Find out the likely effects on different areas of life.

  • Rohit Shetty confirms Ram Lakhan remake is shelved | Bollywood News | Hindi Movies News | Celebrity News - BollywoodHungama.com

    Last year, around the same time in August, Dharma Productions made a big announcement about the much talked about and much awaited remake of the 1989's Anil Kapoor- Jackie Shroff starrer Ram Lakhan. Ever since the announcement was made, several names started doing the rounds for titular roles, which included the likes of Sidharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor and even Fawad Khan. The latest update on the Ram Lakhan's remake is that Rohit Shetty has gone on record to say that they (Karan Johar and Rohit Shetty) have temporarily shelved this project. Rohit Shetty also spoke about how all the actors wanted to play Lakhan's role and that no one was ready to play Ram. Rohit Shetty

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  • Venus- Mercury in conjunction with Rahu in Leo: What can be the effects?

    Venus and Mercury will be transiting in conjunction with Rahu in the first half of August 2016. Find out how major areas of your life – career and relationship may get affected.

  • BJP's Zafar Islam plays safe on fatwa on cow urine items

    New Delhi, Aug. 24 (ANI): Not completely declining the fatwa issued by Islamic seminary against products with cow urine, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Zafar Islam on Wednesday said the scientific use of cow urine is not known, adding there are many things which are permitted even though the Islamic faith doesn't allow those things in normal course of action. Talking to ANI, Islam said the consumption of cow urine and the products, which have cow urine, is prohibited as far as Islamic faith is concerned.

  • Penguin promoted to brigadier at Edinburgh Zoo

    Standing in line for a special ceremony, uniformed soldiers of His Majesty the King of Norway's Guard are carefully inspected -- by a penguin. Sir Nils Olav, a resident king penguin at Edinburgh Zoo, was honoured with the title of brigadier on Monday during a parade in the Scottish park. The bird is the mascot of His Majesty the King of Norway's Guard and was made a knight in 2008.

  • World's 'longest' Vada Pao made in Gurgaon

    Gurgaon, Aug 23 (IANS) A team of 25 people used 200 kg of potatoes and bread each to make the world's longest Vada Pao in just three hours -- 145 feet long. Vada Pao, often called the Indian burger, is hugely popular in Maharashtra. The final Vada Pao was made within a record time of three hours.

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  • Illicit gold: India's smugglers shut out refiners, banks

    By Rajendra Jadhav MUMBAI (Reuters) - Indian gold refiners just months ago were ramping up capacity and struggling to secure enough ore from miners. Gold importing banks and big jewellers have also been hit by the growing entry of illicit gold, which avoids import duties and makes its way on to the so-called "grey market" where it is sold to end-users at a discount. Smuggled gold could account for more than a third of demand this year in India - the world's second-biggest buyer of the metal after China - potentially costing the government over $1 billion in lost revenue.

  • Samsung launches 4G smartphone Z2 with Jio services

    New Delhi, Aug 23 (ANI): South Korean technology giant Samsung India today launched its first 4G enabled Tizen-powered smartphone, Samsung Z2, which caters to the requirements of new smartphone users transitioning from a feature phone. Driven by the success of Z1 and Z3, and taking forward the smart, fun and simple attributes of Tizen platform, Samsung Z2 has been customised to offer unique value to the Indian consumers. Pre-loaded with essential apps and Samsung's popular 'Make for India' features, the phone features ultra data saving mode, S bike mode and the new 'My Money Transfer', to drive smartphone adoption.

  • Aamir Khan to train two students every year

    New Delhi, Aug. 24 (ANI): Aamir Khan's work has been a point of discussion amongst audience for a while now. Aamir would be taking the students along for all his shoots, his meetings, his reading sessions, his rehearsals and all that goes behind working for the industry of cinema. This year, Fatima Sana Shaikh, who would be playing Geeta Phogat and Sanya Malhotra, who would be playing Babita Kumari in 'Dangal' are the actor's first two students.

  • Hardik Patel used quota stir to become leader, amass wealth: aides

    Ahmedabad: Patidar quota stir spearheadHardik Patel used the agitation as a tool to satisfy his ambition to emerge as a leader and has become a "crorepati" within one year of launching the movement, two of his former aides have claimed. Hardik's former close associates -- Chirag Patel and Ketan Patel -- have levelled these allegations against him in an open letter addressed to him, indicating fissures in the agitation launched by Patidars to seek OBC status and qualify for reservation in government jobs and education in Gujarat. In the letter, Chirag and Ketan alleged that the 23-year-old Hardik has become a 'crorepati' (millionaire) within one year of launching the Patel quota agitation. The

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  • Aman Verma bids adieu to 'Amma', gets emotional

    Mumbai, Aug 23 (IANS) Aman Verma has finished shooting for "Ek Maa Jo Laakhon Ke Liye Bani Amma" in which he played the role of a don named Shekharan Shetty, also called Anna. "I'm privileged to have worked in a show like 'Amma'. Playing Shekharan Shetty was certainly challenging for me, but at the same time, it has been a very creatively satisfying experience," Aman said in a statement.

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