• 'Smaller' size keeps women loyal to men: Study

    A team of researchers from the US and Kenya found that there was a strange link between the size of the penis and infidelity in a marriage. Contrary to what many men may assume, they found that men with bigger penises are more likely to have wives who cheat on them.

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    • 4 Lessons Indian Husbands Must Learn from Sachin Tendulkar

      Sachin Tendulkar, the Master Blaster, is an inspiration to the world. Mathew Hayden, the Australian batsman once said, “I have seen God, he bats at no. 4 for India in Test.” He clearly meant Sachin Tendulkar.

      • Apple Inc's iPhone Beat Is Good for Cirrus Logic's Upcoming Earnings

        Cirrus will release earnings Thursday. Apple's results favor it.

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        • Malaysian jet: Washed up metal piece sparks speculations

          Perth/Canberra, April 23 (IANS) The search for the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 that went missing March 8 took a new twist and set off fresh speculations Wednesday with reports of some unidentified material washing ashore on the southwestern coast of Australia. "Western Australia police have…

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          • Real Women Reveal their Secrets to Look and Feel Sexy

            Irrespective of age, profession or lifestyle, every woman wants to look attractive and sexy every single day. How far women can go to get the look they desire is a well-known fact. But is there a rule book, really? Or a set definition to what makes a woman look sexy? It changes from woman to woman,…

            • Army recruits get older-What that says about jobs

              Army recruits are getting older, with fewer going straight from high school to boot camp, The Fiscal Times reports.

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              • Kazakh-India Inter Governmental Commission meeting begins in Astana

                Astana, Apr.24 (ANI): The 11th meeting of the Kazakh-India Inter Governmental Commission (IGC) started here today.

                ANI27 mins ago
                • Five things you should know before you choose a car loan

                  You are tired of your old Car and ready to upgrade to a newer, more reliable model. Before you apply for that Car loan, here are five things you should do to ensure that you secure the best possible loan by careful assessment of your auto loan financing options.

                  • IPL 2014: Fantasy Guru – Resist the temptation

                    Guru’s team for the RCB vs. KKR match Changes made: Virat Kohli in – Ajinkya Rahane out Yuzvendra Chahal in – Dhawal Kulkarni out Chris Gayle (if he plays) in – Brendon McCullum out This appears to be a tricky encounter. Look at the names out there from both the teams: Virat Kohli, AB de […]

                    • Kate shows off new royal style in Down Under tour

                      LONDON (AP) — Kate's dilemma: What to pack for a two-week trip, when your itinerary includes everything from state receptions and church services to toddler playdates and cricket games?

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                      • Chasing the Taurus Bull

                        Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and is represented by the bull. It`s not that big a challenge to correctly recognize a Taurus. Inspiring Quote "I`ve heard that hard work never killed anyone, but I say why take the chance?"   - Ronald Reagan (a little nugget of information-the famous…

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                        • BJP eyes gains in south, east to cut clout of regional queens

                          The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was set to make gains in two big states in the south and east that began voting on Thursday in the sixth phase of a mammoth general election that could help it build a stable majority in parliament. A final set of opinion polls predicted a strong showing by the BJP…

                          • More and more Bollywood producers should opt for Poland: Salman

                            Warsaw, April 24 (IANS) It was mere destiny that superstar Salman Khan flew here to shoot his upcoming film "Kick". "Had the British authorities not refused me the necessary visa, the original shooting would have been done in London," Salman told IANS. "But I am happy that I have come to Warsaw to…

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                            • Sri Lanka deports British tourist for her Buddha tattoo

                              By Ranga Sirilal COLOMBO (Reuters) - Sri Lanka on Thursday deported a British tourist for having a tattoo of Buddha on her arm which a court said was an insult to the island's main religion. Legally, there is no ban on a Buddha tattoo in Sri Lanka, but the predominantly Buddhist nation is very…

                              • Alia Bhatt: I'm going on a holiday to Paris and London!

                                With 2 STATES turning out to be a clean hit, Alia Bhatt has a lot to smile. While she is soaking in all the adulations coming her way, she has also put together plans to unwind herself from a hectic 2014 so far. The first step in this direction is to take off for a European holiday Yes, I am going…

                                • Beauty Tips: Keep Your Hair Healthy and Young

                                  As your mane matures, subtle changes in growth, texture and lustre can eventually add up to a head of hair you barely recognise. Follow these tips to anti-age your locks.

                                  • Heart attacks could soon be history

                                    Washington, Apr 23 (ANI): Johns Hopkins scientists have found a way to block abnormal cholesterol production, transport and breakdown, successfully preventing the development of atherosclerosis, the main cause of heart attacks and strokes and the number-one cause of death among humans. The…

                                    • Scientists monitor huge iceberg that broke off from Antarctica

                                      By Will Dunham WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Scientists are monitoring an iceberg roughly six times the size of Manhattan - one of the largest now in existence - that broke off from an Antarctic glacier and is heading into the open ocean. NASA glaciologist Kelly Brunt said on Wednesday the iceberg covers…

                                      • How To Write A Resume That Will Get You A Job At Google

                                        Trying to land one of those highly coveted jobs...

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