Poll: In the name of #JusticeForSSR, is Kangana Ranaut losing the whole plot?

26/08/2020 - 01/09/20202,641 votes
In 2017, Kangana made her now-infamous debut on filmmaker Karan Johar’s talk show Koffee With Karan and tore apart the host with words like “nepotism” and “movie mafia.” That’s when the actress found herself a new responsibility: she was the voice of outsiders in an otherwise close-knit and non-transparent movie business. Cut to 2020 and things seem to have spiralled out of control. Kangana, who was once the voice of the unheard, is now launching scathing attacks at fellow actors, field experts, and basically anyone who does not side with her. Her sharply-worded jibes on Twitter haven’t even spared the topic of mental health. Most recently, Kangana targeted actor Deepika Padukone and her very public account of dealing with Clinical Anxiety and Depression. Now, Kangana's ocean of supporters are questioning her intentions. This warrants the question: Has Kangana taken it too far?

Q1. In her quest for #JusticeForSSR, has Kangana lost the plot?

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