Is it fair to impose extra tax on alcohol sales?

07/05/2020 - 08/05/20202,259 votes
Several states such as Delhi and Telangana have imposed a stiff extra sales tax on alcohol amid the coronavirus pandemic. In some cases, the extra tax is as high as 70% of the original cost and this has -- after liquor stores reopened recently following an over 40-day shutdown -- dampened the spirits of drinkers all over the country. Alcohol sales are a major contributor to states' revenues and the additional cess is not only expected to add to the coffers, but also discourage people from going overboard with their drinking/hoarding during these crisis times. Take our poll below and have your say in the matter.

Q1. What's your take on extra tax on liquor?

It's necessary
It should not be imposed
Can't say
Thanks for taking part
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