Updated: Sep 19 Data source: CDC, WHO

Reinfection cases in India show virus mutating

  • Genetic changes in second samples put vaccine efficacy in question
  • Two healthcare workers from GIIMS and four healthcare workers from two Mumbai hospitals have been confirmed as cases of reinfection
  • Scientists involved in the study said there needs to be more research and study on the mutations and variants


Europe announces new restrictions as COVID-19 cases soar

European nations from Denmark and Iceland in the north to Greece in the south announced new restrictions on Friday to curb surging coronavirus infections in some of their largest cities, and Britain was considering a new national lockdown.
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  • News18

    Delhi Metro may resume services in 'Unlock-4'

    The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation too had said that it is all set to resume the services and was just awaiting government nod

  • News18

    Scientists say Hong Kong man got coronavirus a second time

    University of Hong Kong scientists claim to have the first evidence of someone being reinfected with the virus that causes COVID-19

  • The Quint

    PM CARES to Fund Two 500-Bed Makeshift COVID-19 Hospitals in Bihar

    The 500-bed hospital at Patna is being inaugurated on 24 August.

  • Oneindia

    COVID-19 is a multi-organ metabolic disease, study finds

    Melbourne, Aug 24: Scientists have developed a predictive metabolic model for COVID-19 infection that shows multi-organ effects of the disease. Researchers from Murdoch University in Australia and the University of Cambridge in the UK collected blood plasma specimens from

  • The Telegraph

    First documented coronavirus re-infection found in man who had travelled in Britain

    First documented coronavirus re-infection found in man who had travelled in Britain

  • Oneindia

    Amid coronavirus pandemic, US and China agree to double airline flights between them

    Washington, Aug 19: The United States and China have agreed to double the number of airline flights that each other's airlines can operate between the countries, from four to eight per week. The deal marks a further easing of a standoff

  • NewsBytes

    Coronavirus: India amplifies testing, positivity rate hovers around 8%

    India has upped coronavirus testing and with it, the positivity rate, which tells how many people who were tested contracted the infection, has swelled too. The government said that cumulative testing went from 1.2 crore on July 14 to more than 3 crore on August 16. Likewise, the positivity rate swelled from 7.5% to 8.8% during the same period. Here are more details.

  • The Telegraph

    Oxford and German vaccine trials in race for jab this year, says UK chairman

    Oxford and German vaccine trials in race for jab this year, says UK chairman

  • NewsBytes

    Biocon Chief Kiran Mazumdar Shaw tests positive for coronavirus

    As India reels under coronavirus catastrophe, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, chairperson of Biocon Ltd., joined the long list of famous personalities to test positive for the highly-contagious disease. In a tweet last night, Shaw said that she had "added to the COVID count (sic)." Other prominent personalities to test positive from Karnataka are Chief Minister Yediyurappa and ex-CM Siddaramaiah. Here are more details.

  • The Telegraph

    India's Covid-19 outbreak now world's fourth deadliest as developing world bears brunt of pandemic

    India's Covid-19 outbreak has become the fourth deadliest on the planet and is also the fastest growing, as developing countries now bear the brunt of the pandemic. The death toll from the new coronavirus in the world's second most populous country rose 942 according to the latest daily count, overtaking the UK with a total of 47,033 fatalities. The nation of 1.3bn people lags only behind the US, Brazil and Mexico in the overall number of deaths and its total number of confirmed cases, almost 2.4 million, is the third largest in the world. India's outbreak is also the fastest growing in the world, with the country reporting a succession of record daily case tallies and now recording around 60,000 or more new infections each day. The country has added its second million cases in only three weeks and is expected to surpass Brazil and America in both caseload and deaths by the Autumn. Developing and middle income countries now dominate the rankings of countries hardest hit by the virus since it emerged at the end of last year. Major epicentres in Latin America and parts of Asia and Africa have surpassed former hotspots such as the UK, Italy and Spain, as a worldwide total of 20 million have been infected and almost 750,000 have died.