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    Women Army Officers Set To Move SC Against “Unfair” Fitness Standards 

    In March, the Directorate General of Military Training (DGMT) of the Army made JC course at Army War College at Mhow, Madhya Pradesh, mandatory for women officers. 

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    COVID-19: West Bengal, Telangana Create Separate Hospital Wards For Transgenders 

    In a move for inclusivity, the states of Telangana and West Bengal have made separate wards for transgender persons who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or who need to be tested for the infection.

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    We Realize The Importance of Our Voices Only When We Are Silenced: Malala Yousafzai

    In today's thought of the day, let's take a look at the brave words of Malala. In these trying times for women, it's important to remember her saying "if one man can destroy everything, why can't one girl change it?"

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    Crisis Management: Blended Learning to be the New Normal?

    As digital natives, students today are more aware of the advantages of digital learning, but while online learning can help with concepts, social skills are harder to learn from a screen. In our series - Crisis Management - Divya Gokulnath, Co-Founder of Byju's, explains the concept of blended learning which will combine the best of online and offline learning and is poised to become the 'new normal'. Scroll down to see more episodes of the 'Crisis Management' series. Produced by Varnika Gupta; Video edited by SivaPrasad Dokku. Also see - The World of Online Learning Post COVID-19 and What This Means For Underprivileged Children: Shaheen Mistri

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    V for Vagina: Female Masturbation Is NOT a Taboo

    Welcome back to V for Vagina with gynaecologist, Dr. Sejal Ajmera. Today, we're going to take a look at female masturbation. This is not a taboo or something that needs to suppressed. In fact, it is a very healthy expression of female sexuality. Guess what? Sex toys shouldn't be taboo either! While it is very important to make sure you're not sharing your toys, being safe, and hygienic, don't let anybody tell you that masturbation is 'wrong' or 'immoral'. Watch the video to find out more! Produced by Urmi Chatterjee, Interview by Sutrishna Ghosh Also See: We Think a Story About Women Empowerment Is Where She Almost Resembles a Man Is Masturbation Good For You Hitting the G-Spot On Screen

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    Agrima Joshua Rape Threat Row: Gujarat Man Arrested Over Abusive Remarks Targeting Female Comedian

    The issue was taken up by the National Commission for Women (NCW), who sought immediate action against the miscreant.

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    Vini Mahajan Supersedes Five Officers To Become Punjab’s First Woman Chief Secretary   

    Vini Mahajan, an IAS officer from the 1987 batch, has been appointed the new chief secretary of Punjab. She has replaced Karan Avtar Singh, who is going to retire in August later this year.

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    From The Women Who Led India's Mars Mission to The Women Protesters at a Nuclear Power Plant: Minnie Vaid's Pen Covers Them All

    Journalist, documentary film maker, and author Minnie Vaid tells the stories of inspiring men and women who inspire with their determination and resilience.

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    Don't You Dare Think You Have the Right to Mutilate Our Bodies to Teach Us a Life Lesson: Sumukhi Suresh

    In today's thought of the day, and in the light of recent events where comedian Agrima Joshua received continuous rape threats for exercising her freedom of speech, we present the words of her fellow comedian, Sumukhi Suresh, as she says "you cannot say 'we respect ladies' and then tell us to 'shut up or we will rape you and your mothers on the road.'" Related Reads: Agrima Joshua Row: Are We Living In a Society Where Rape Threats Have Become Normal? Aditi Mittal: Comedian, Writer, and Co-Host of 'Women in Labour'

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    Crisis Management: Encouraging Students To Be Flexible, Self Learners

    Learning is pivotal for a student's success in academics and life. The digital age is shaping the way students learn and will also determine their future prospects. The need of the hour is to focus on students being flexible, self learners rather than just chasing the grades. Our country's current student force needs to prepare itself for the unseen jobs of tomorrow. In our new series, Crisis Management', Divya Gokulnath, Co-Founder of Byju's, talks about how there needs to be a shift in the way we understand learning. Produced by Varnika Gupta; Video edited by SivaPrasad Dokku. Also see - A strong believer in the fact that she's a teacher before a Co-Founder, Divya Gokulnath talks about her passion for education

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