US Election 2020

Fact Check: From Taxes to Healthcare, Everything False Trump Said in His Latest Rallies

  • President Trump says Mexico is paying for the wall (it isn't), health care choice for veterans came from him (it didn't) and his tax cut stands as the biggest in American history (nowhere close).
  • These are among his touchstones the falsehoods that span his presidency and he’s giving them another go in the final days of his relentless campaigning.

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Why the Indian vote matters in US elections

The Democrats and Republicans are going the extra mile this time to capture the Indian diaspora vote by organising meetings, ads and campaign materials in languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Gujarati to bolster their chances of bagging the Indian American vote. While Trump's team released a commercial called 'Four More Years' with footage of PM Modi at Houston, Biden has released a manifesto targeted at American Indian voters. According to a Carnegie Endowment report, there are 1.9 million Indian-American voters, who make up 0.82% of the electorate...They are not only the second-largest immigrant group in the US, but also the highest-earning ,with a median income of $139,000 in 2018, making it an important donor base. While the number of desi voters may seem miniscule in absolute terms, every vote is crucial for both parties, especially in swing states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where Trump beat Hilary Clinton by a narrow margin last time..The tens of thousands of Indian-American voters here could make all the difference when the election goes down to the wire
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