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    Explained: What is an IPO? Is it a good idea for you to invest in it?

    -Chaitra Anand The year 2021 is turning out to be the year of IPOs' (Initial Public Offering). But what is an IPO and why does a company offer its shares to the public? Should you invest in an IPO and what are the factors to consider before you foray into it? Most importantly, wil lit make you rich? Here's all you need to know on Yahoo Finance Explainers with Chaitra Anand. Ref source: Investopedia, Angelbroking, Don't miss: Zomato IPO: Here’s why you should go for it What is passive i

  • Yahoo India Finance Videos

    Planning a wedding during pandemic? Here's all you need to know

    Since the onset of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, many sectors of employments have borne deep losses. One of the biggest among the distressed businesses is the wedding planning sector. Bangalore based wedding planner Ashwin Umashankar of ForeverWeDo sheds light on how wedding planners have been reinventing themselves during these uncertain times and what are the new trends and practices they are adopting to thrive. Video concept & editing: Chaitra Anand Image source: Getty, ForeverWeDo

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    Exclusive Interview: What is crowdfunding? CEO of Ketto shares his views

    What is crowdfunding? How does it work? Who can raise funds? In this exclusive interview with Yahoo Finance, Co-Founder and CEO of crowdfunding platform, Varun Sheth shares end to end information about how to raise funds for social causes, medical treatments, situations arising due to COVID, and more. For any queries related to raising funds on Ketto visit: Also visit: for more business stories Don't miss: Who is the secretive Bitcoin billionaire who invented

  • Yahoo India Finance Videos

    5 easy ways to spend within your means

    Here are 5 simple habits you can cultivate to ensure you don't overspend and run into debts. Video concept & editing by Chaitra Anand Yahoo India Finance

  • Yahoo India Finance Videos

    Rare facts about Harshad Mehta: The Big Bull

    Harshad Mehta was known as India's biggest market manipulator. Watch the video to find out more. Video concept & editing: Chaitra Anand

  • Yahoo India Finance Videos

    Top 10 worldwide airports for COVID-19 traveler safety measures, September 2020

    The pandemic still looms large, but India is bravely battling against the COVID-19 crisis. And this is most evident in its airports where strict safety measures are being practised. Kudos to the measures being taken by some airports in India and emerging as the safest globally! Safe Travel Barometer, the world’s most comprehensive database for COVID-19 traveler health and safety protocols, has released the Safe Travel Score for airports worldwide. This follows the announcement of the ‘safest air

  • Yahoo India Finance Videos

    Interview: Ravi Shastri on Mankading, best Indian team ever and more

    Indian coach Ravi Shastri talks exclusively to Yahoo about his new innings as an entrepreneur.

  • Yahoo India Finance Videos

    Education in the time of COVID-19: Podcast interview with Varun Agarwal

    Want to learn about film making as a career? Learn from director Nitesh Tiwari of the 'Dangal' fame. Want to learn about novel writing? Learn from best-selling author Amish Tripathi. Want to learn about anything at all which is career-related? Then you must explore the online edutainment app 'Mento'On Yahoo Finance Interviews, meet the founder and CEO of 'Mento', an online alternate education app where you get to take lessons directly from the experts in their field. Especially during lockdown t

  • Yahoo India Finance Videos

    Journey into outer space within 30 seconds

    You can travel into outer space from the comfort of your home in less than 30 seconds by watching this video. But you can also wash your hands in the comfort of your home in less than 30 seconds! Humans are eroding the very foundations of economies, livelihoods, food security, health and quality of life worldwide. But safeguarding our future on this planet is also in the hands of humans. Wash your hands in less than 30 seconds at regular intervals to protect yourself from the dreaded coronavirus

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    Watch: Inside an instant noodles factory

    Ever wondered what it's like inside an instant noodle factory? Here's a short tour of it. With COVID-19 lockdowns being imposed around the world, instant noodles are once again an instant hit with those who want to stock up on easy to make food. Although not the healthiest option, many believe it is convenient, simple and delicious. Do you think instant noodles are a boon during these time of scarcity or do you think otherwise? Share your comments. Also, we hope you enjoyed taking this short tou

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