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  • The Quint

    MP: Couple Swaps Lavish Wedding For a Simple One, Spends Only Rs 500 on Ceremony

    The bride is the city magistrate of Dhar, and the groom is an army major posted in Ladakh.

  • MAKERS India

    Beating All Odds: Meet Asha Kandara, The Sweeper-Turned-Deputy Collector

    When Asha Kandara was deserted by her husband after five years of marriage, she did not let the situation control her life. Instead she set off on a journey to be a force to be reckoned with in a society which treated her with humiliation for being an estranged woman. She did not shy away from taking the job of a sweeper to support her two children, parents and her dreams. A spirited achiever, her dream came true when she cracked the Rajasthan Administrative Services exam earlier this month. Wat

  • Yahoo Lifestyle

    Law student does 'man's job'; makes parottas for a living

    Although parotta-making is recognized as a man's job, either in hotels or at alleyway restaurants, a 23-year old girl named Anaswara Hari from Erumeli broke that glass ceiling of gender stereotypes by running a show behind the curtains of her hotel.

  • News18

    Muslim Family in Mangaluru Sponsors Wedding for Impoverished Hindu Girl

    The Muslim family helped out the Hindu bride who lost her father and whose mother is bedridden with illness.

  • MAKERS India

    Smriti Irani's Inspiring Journey From TV Star to Firebrand Politician

    Born in a middle-class family to a Bengali mother and a Punjabi father, Smriti was the girl-next-door who turned her fate around.

  • Yahoo Lifestyle

    COVID angels: women are cooking up a storm in the kitchen for patients

    They have shared how their hands worked enthusiastically like magic in the kitchen to prepare a large quantity of food.

  • MAKERS India

    This Chennai Woman Runs Oxygen Auto To Assist Patients In Remembrance of Her Mother

    36-year-old Chennai-based R Seetha Devi runs an auto-rickshaw oxygen service to assist COVID-19 patients, who require oxygen support. Devi, who lost her mother to COVID-19 due to oxygen shortage on May 1 this year, started this service to prevent others from struggling like her mother. Watch the video to know more. (Script and video edited by Apurva P)

  • Yahoo Lifestyle

    'They need our support': Non-profit orgs in India are true pandemic messiahs

    At tough times like these, people came forward to help the Covid patients in whichever way possible. Be it donating money, raising funds for covid relief, volunteering, finding oxygen and beds, delivering home cooked food to the patients, the community (we) stood up together to fight against this baneful virus. Likewise, there are non-profit organizations working round-the-clock to help the covid patients, and the needy people out there by coming up with numerous initiatives.

  • MAKERS India

    Meet Aditi Gera, The 20-Year-Old Recipient Of The Diana Award

    Apart from skills, Empowerette also explores emotional well-being and provides a safe space for girls to be vulnerable and talk about their struggles.

  • Yahoo Lifestyle

    Doctor uses permanent make up to give acid attack survivors new hope

    This procedure is free of cost for acid attack survivors.

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