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    PM Modi talks nature conservation in 'Mann Ki Baat', stresses on 'Aatmanirbharta'

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the nation during the 74th edition of his monthly radio programme, Mann Ki Baat, at 11am today.

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    Yahoo Talk: Is the Motera pitch to blame for England's loss?

    “Shortest completed Test match since 1935” The England team hit rock-bottom in the ongoing Test against India at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. After making 112 in the first innings and restricting India to 145, the visitors just couldn’t cope with the spin were bowled out for their lowest Test score against India - a measly 81 runs. The England contingent has blamed the dry Motera pitch for their bad performance - but is the pitch to blame for a match ending in a mere 2 days? Yahoo Editors Navneet Mundhra and Bikash Singh weigh in. More from the Yahoo Talk video series: - Yahoo Talk: Answering your doubts on India's COVID vaccination drive - Yahoo Talk: Answering your doubts on India's COVID vaccination drive - Part II - Yahoo Talk: Is India too sensitive to international criticism? - Yahoo Talk: Why are the Farmer Protests so controversial?

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    The ‘Unfair’ Selection: Do Arranged Marriages Still Conform to Narrow Ideals of Beauty?

    The nation might have progressed and become ‘modern’ but the story is quite different in reality. The Indian society perpetuates the belief that women who do not tick all boxes in the ‘perceived beauty checklist’ might not find the ‘right partner’, or could remain single for life.

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    India’s Toy Story: Can PM Modi’s call for 'Vocal about Local' be a gamechanger?

    Modi believes India can become self reliant in toys. In a recent televised interaction he said, “The country has the ability to become a toy hub for the entire world. For the same, discussions have been held with various industry representatives to increase their production of indigenous toys.”

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    Speedster Hima Das appointed Deputy Superintendent of Police of Assam

    Assam Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal on Friday formally presented international athlete Hima Das with the letter appointing her to the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police.

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    Protein Day 2021: Indians discover the power of plant proteins

    Last year, Right to Protein, a national-level public health initiative started Protein Day, an annual awareness day observed on February 27, to rally towards the mission of protein awareness and sufficiency in India.

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    Bail For Young Activists, OTT Regulation And More: Here’s What Women Discussed Last Week

    Last week, women did not mince their words while holding age-old, misogynistic, patriarchal, and discriminatory institutions accountable for their actions. Be it in terms of a failing democracy, climate change, or gender-based discrimination, there was plenty of conversation that went around social media in the past week.

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    Hima Das, Dutee Chand Win Gold at Indian Grand Prix II

    India’s star sprinters Hima Das and Dutee Chand clinched gold medals at the Indian Grand Prix II.

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    Yahoo Detailed Review: The Girl on the Train

    Cast: Parineeti Chopra Aditi Rao Hydari Kirti Kulhari Director - Ribhu Dasgupta Release date - 26 February, 2021 Parineeti Chopra is ‘The Girl on the Train’. The film is a thriller adapted from a novel of the same name. Is this adaptation as engrossing as the American one in which Emily Blunt had played the lead? Parineeti plays Mira Kapoor - once a successful lawyer - now divorced and an alcoholic. She regularly blacks out after binge drinking and has trouble remembering recent events when she is sober. She’s accused of frequently harassing her ex-husband. She also, no longer has a job and seems to be finding it difficult to handle her addiction. Mira, on her commute, sees a couple every day and they seem to have the perfect life - a life that she once had or could have had. When Nusrat - the girl - Mira watches every day goes missing - a needle of suspicion points at her. Why would Mira want Nusrat gone? That’s what the police are trying to find out For those of you who have read the novel or watched the previous adaptation - this story is supposed to play out like a psychological thriller. As a part of the audience you are at times convinced that ‘the girl on the train’ is most likely the killer, while at other times she comes across as a soft target. It is frustrating that her actions seem to incriminate her when you so desperately want her to be proved innocent…. Parineeti fails to internalize the chaos that is going on within the girl - the guilt, the conflict, the disbelief and the basic instinct for survival where she wants to believe and prove she’s innocent. I remember the vacant look in Emily Blunt’s eyes and her struggle to remember what actually happened - Parineeti as the staggering Mira is over-the-top. Your heart doesn’t go out to this protagonist… The writing and screenplay is shoddy and doesn’t have the tension needed to keep the audience hooked. A alleged killer has escaped, is on the loose and is roaming about freely doing their own investigation - how do you make allowance for such lapses? The supporting cast also fails to make their performance memorable. I was really hoping for an edge-of-the-seat thriller but the ‘Girl on the Train’ disappoints on too many counts. I am going with 2 stars for this one. For more videos and reviews subscribe to our channel on YouTube

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    Avoid these simple mistakes in your resume

    A résumé is the first impression of a candidate. Drafting a résumé can be daunting at any point in one’s career. Be it a fresher or a professional with more than a few years of experience, and it is always a dilemma about what should go into the résumé and what shouldn't. Here are some common errors to be avoided to fetch brownie points on your résumé in your next interview.